New input peripheral - Ion Air Mouse glove

So far, we’ve seen input peripherals being designed to bring in as much comfort as possible, especially mice. Keeping the comfort and prolonged usage by finger tips in mind, the design aspect is a hit or a miss scenario. The Ion Air mouse is one such rodent, which is a wearable mouse. Yes, you head it right. This glove mouse can be worn on your hand before you start your usual surfing or gaming sessions. The mouse is controlled with hand movements, something we found very interesting. So, your finger gestures could help you surf the web or even check emails.

Motion control

Motion control


The Ion Air Mouse embeds only three buttons. The left click, right click and the pause buttons will come integrated on the mouse. The pause button is something we don’t find on our usual mice, and this inclusion has been made so that one doesn’t accidently press any button or close a window while the user is away. The buttons on the index finger is a well thought of approach, we must say.  The user needs to plug in the USB module and the mouse can be used even while away from the desk. It works on all computers and would negate the wired clutter or an additional space for the mouse if one travels frequently.

Needless to say, the glove seems highly portable. Lately we had seen LG’s LSM-100 which looks like an ordinary mouse at a glance, but would surprise you with the scanning compartment that lurks at its base. A single click of the button and the mouse turns into a scanner, allowing one to simply drag the device across a document or photo to scan it quickly. Click here for a complete review of the LSM-100.

Those who find the Ion Air mouse interesting and worth clutching can do so for a price of $79.95 (approx Rs. 3,921). The glove comes in black and gray shades and can be bought here

Published Date: Feb 28, 2012 17:53 PM | Updated Date: Feb 28, 2012 17:53 PM