New Google campaign lets you email kisses

If sending gifts, e-cards or pictures to your beau or loved ones residing in faraway countries isn't intimate enough, you may want to try this new thing – it is called Burberry Kisses.

Part of Google’s ongoing Art, Copy & Code project, Burberry Kisses is a new campaign brought to you by Burberry and Google, and it lets you send kisses to anyone, anywhere in the world.

So here's what you have to do. Visit and pucker up in front of your webcam – Google says it works best on Chrome. Now, Burberry Kisses uses something called "unique kiss-detection technology" to detect the outline of your actual lips. Google adds that this gets better if you're using a touchscreen mobile device, since you can actually kiss your screen and your lip outline will be taken. Once that's done, you can write a short message and send it to that special someone – and it may be someone from your Google+ friends list or you can simply email it to them. If you're pretty open about all those PDAs, then you can even share it on Google+ for your friends to see.

What follows seems almost magical. You can actually see your envelope with the kiss and the message fly from where you are to the receiver's destination on a 3D landscape. When the recipient gets your email, they can see the same journey as you and read the message. “All the kisses being sent around the world can be seen in a real-time interactive map, capturing the story of the world’s love. You don’t have to kiss and tell: all kisses are private unless you choose to share,” the post adds.

The world of kisses interactive map

The world of kisses interactive map



While we're not sure how well this idea takes off, we're impressed with the kind of things Google is making possible! Tell us what you think.

Published Date: Jun 12, 2013 21:11 PM | Updated Date: Jun 12, 2013 21:11 PM