New Feedly Mobile app promises better sharing, new search and discovery engine

Like it or not, we are quickly inching closer to the imminent closure of our beloved Google Reader. Ever since Google made its decision public, users started scrambling over the place in search of an able replacement for the Reader – one among those names has been that of Feedly. 


Feedly claims that ever since Google took the decision to retire Reader, over 3 million Google Reader users switched to its platform. Now, in a step in the direction of making that transition a seamless one, Feedly has announced the new version of its Feedly Mobile app. The new Feedly Mobile focuses on search and discovery, productive reading and better sharing. 


With the new Feedly Mobile, Feedly claims to have introduced a new way to search and discover feeds. It adds that users can now search for feeds faster, courtesy a fast feed search engine – with over 50 million feeds to read. The new Feedly Mobile comes with the smart topic completion feature that allows users to have "a truly intuitive" time with looking for and discovering feeds. 

New Feedly Mobile is here

New Feedly Mobile is here



Feedly adds that the more a user is on the platform looking for feeds, categorising them or following their favourite feeds, the better the platform's search and discovery capabilities will become. 


An important feature on the new Feedly Mobile is this newbie called "Must Reads". With this feature, the platform ensures that users do not miss out on the updates from their most important feeds. New posts from the feeds that a user promotes as "must read" will appear at the top of the feed selection panel and in the "Today" section. Then there's the pull the refresh gesture that has been added to the feed selection panel so that users get the latest content that is available. 


The new "Title Only" view is yet another addition to the new Feedly Mobile, which is useful for those who prefer a quick running through the headlines and read in-detail only the ones that they want to. 

With better sharing capabilties

With better sharing capabilties



It is almost criminal to not include top-notch sharing capabilities on a Reader. So with the new Feedly Mobile, Feedly claims to have enabled fast and easy sharing capabilities. The sharing panel has been redesigned to allow for easy sharing of articles and also saving them for later. It comes with support for Google+ too. It also includes settings that allow users to pick the sharing and saving option that should have a shortcut on their main toolbar. 


The new Feedly Mobile is now available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone, Android tablet, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The updated Feedly Android and iOS apps are up for grabs on their respective app stores. 


Earlier last month, Feedly announced that it has added a new connect button onto its homepage besides the login one, called “Connect to Google Reader”. Using this option, you can easily transfer your feeds from Google Reader to Feedly. Curiously enough, Nick Bradbury, the creator of popular Windows Desktop RSS reader FeedDemon, recommended Feedly as the best RSS replacement service. FeedDemon followed Google Reader’s footsteps and also announced that it was shutting down after 10 years on Wednesday. 

Published Date: Apr 02, 2013 10:35 AM | Updated Date: Apr 02, 2013 10:35 AM