New Chrome Experiment turns websites into a playable marble maze

Google has a knack of coming up with the best way to while time away in front of a computer. The newest Chrome Experiment game called World Wide Maze will aim to make your experience on a computer just a little more fun by turning the website you’re on into a 3D marble maze.

The marble on a flat version of your website will have to be controlled, and here’s where your smartphone steps in. By pairing your phone to the browser, you can tilt and turn it to get the marble to navigate its way through the site. Essentially, your phone is now your controller.

Turn websites into a maze with this game

Turn websites into a maze with this game


The game doesn’t simply have you navigate through the website. One of the aims of the game is to collect gems as you move ahead in the game, even as the ticking scoreboard keeps count. This is probably the best way to relive afternoons spent playing arcade games while still sitting at your desk.

Of course, the kind of phone you own is an important criterion to be able to play this game. You will need to make sure you have a device running Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up or iOS 5 and up. Your phone or device will also need to have Google Chrome to be able to play the game.

Log on to (make sure you are on Chrome!) and follow the instructions on the screen to sync your phone and play World Wide Maze.

Sadly, we here at tech2 could not seem to access the game on our desktops, with the page being stuck on the loading screen itself. We were able to access the mobile website though, but it was pretty useless without desktop connectivity.


This, of course, is not one of the first Chrome Experiment games. Another one that found a special mention by Google earlier last month was Chrome Super Sync Sports. The game is a collection of browser-based, '80s-themed multiplayer races.

You can use your smartphone and tablet to get your avatars to run, swim and cycle. Part of Chrome Super Sync Sports makes use of the new web technologies, including HTML5 features such as WebSockets, for real-time gaming synchronicity on desktop and mobile, as well as Canvas and CSS3 for rich visuals.

To run Chrome Super Sync Sports, you essentially need a computer and a smartphone that runs on Android 4.0 and up or iOS 4.3 and up. Log on to on your computer and pick a game depending on whether you want to play solo or with friends. Visit using Chrome on your smartphone and sync them using a code that appears on the screen.

You can sift and choose between 50 athlete avatars to play the game. You need to make motions on your smartphones or tablet touchscreens, quite like in World Wide Maze, to get your athlete to move on the computer. The aim of the game is to be the quickest to make correct gestures to win the game. There is also a global leaderboard that is updated with each game, so you’re not just competing with your friends. Up to four people can play the Wacky Races together. 

Published Date: Mar 22, 2013 12:44 pm | Updated Date: Mar 22, 2013 12:44 pm