New Battlefield 3 Video Hits the Net

Anticipation for DICE’s military shooter has already reached a feverish pitch making the wait for November (or whenever the game releases) only harder. And now DICE have teased us with yet another gameplay video called Fault Line Episode 2- Good Effect on Target.

Pure Overkill

Pure Overkill



This newly released gameplay video showcases the terror surrounding a bunch of ground troops as they go up against a sniper. Displayed in this video are the game’s new animation system and some wanton destruction towards the end where the sniper meets his grizzly demise courtesy of a rocket launcher.  It’s not the most action packed of videos but it certain captures the tension perfectly, ending in a highly cathartic moment for the ground troops.



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Published Date: Mar 17, 2011 04:53 pm | Updated Date: Mar 17, 2011 04:53 pm