New app lets you stream YouTube to another web enabled screen

Clik is the new Android/ iOS app that allows you to control any web-enabled screen from your smartphone. With Clik, you use your smartphone to find and stream YouTube videos to any web-enabled screen. Your smartphone controls every aspect of your YouTube experience. You can start, stop, search, browse, add favorites, turn the volume up or down – instantly. No other software or special hardware is needed to turn any screen into your screen. No more crowding around a small 3.5 inch screen while showing off video clips to your friend. Though, YouTube parties may not be a rage out here, they’re slowly picking up. Here’s how Clik helps you increase the fun quotient in your parties. It’s not just YouTube, with Clik, you can control any web enabled screen with your smartphone. Your friends can join the fun  by downloading the Clik app on their phone. All the users can scan in, so the two (or three, or five, or ten) of you can control YouTube together.


Stream for free!

Stream for free!


Here are a few of the features of this application:


  • Take control of any web-enabled screen with your smartphone.
  • Stream any of the millions of videos on YouTube onto the screen, controlling the experience right from your smartphone. - You can play, pause, search, browse, create favourites, control the volume it’s a true remote control. And it goes with you anywhere – so your favorite videos are only a touch away.
  • Use multiplayer mode at your next party! Multiplayer mode lets you and your friends all Clik in at the same time, so that you can play and discover videos together.
  • Bring your videos with you everywhere you go - you're only a ‘Clik’ away from playing them for friends or family.
  • Clik can use your Wi-Fi or your mobile data connection.
  • No additional hardware is required

In the true sense of the word, It’s essentially a remote control that lets you stream content to a secondary screen. The application is also available on the iOS store, so you can download it on to your iPhone or iPad. Get the iOS app out here and the Android app out here.

Published Date: Feb 21, 2012 09:12 am | Updated Date: Feb 21, 2012 09:12 am