New app gets MS-Office to the iPad

CloudOn, a Silicon Valley startup has launched a free application for the iPad that gets Microsoft Office to the the device. What they’ve done is, instead of porting the entire contents of the software to the iPad, they’ve gone and created an interface for the complete cloud-based app on their servers. So, you’ll require an active Internet connection for the application to work properly.

CloudOn gets Office to your iPad

CloudOn gets Office to your iPad



As reported by Macrumours, here are the features of the app:


  • Use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad to create or edit documents.
  • Rename, delete and manage documents with your Dropbox account
  • Display, edit or create charts, change formatting, spell check, insert comments, into any Word, Excel or PowerPoint files
  • Track changes while reviewing Word documents and use pivot tables and insert formulas in Excel workbooks
  • Display and edit animation or transitions in PowerPoint presentations
  • Present in full PowerPoint mode (not in PDF)
  • Open files directly from your iPad email accounts or Dropbox account
  • Automatically save documents to avoid losing changes


It’s still limited in terms of functionality, considering the Internet connectivity that's required, but that’s the trade-off you’ll get, till Microsoft actually launches Office for the iPad.

Published Date: Jan 04, 2012 05:20 pm | Updated Date: Jan 04, 2012 05:20 pm