New app allows Glass users to upload videos to YouTube

With Google Glass finally reaching developers, we are going to see more and more applications that make the wearable more practical to use. While the first set of major apps are yet to hit the device, we are seeing some cool apps that make the most of Glass.

A new app, Fullscreen BEAM, allows those using Glass to upload a video to YouTube. Uploading a video to YouTube is a simple four step process, which starts with users registering the Fullscreen BEAM app. All that’s left now is shooting the video and then sharing it with the Fullscreen BEAM app. Users get a confirmation as soon as the upload is complete.

Glass has an impressive screen, and its app uses the card UI

Glass has an impressive screen, and its app uses the card UI


The video ends up on Fullscreen BEAM's YouTube channel. Users have the option of keeping the video private or making it available for public viewing. Users can further share the video to their Twitter followers. Here's a video shot on Glass and currently seen on the Fullscreen channel.


We have already seen some interesting apps pop up for Glass, with Winky enabling users to take pictures with just a wink. As more devices are collected by developers, we could see a proliferation of apps that utilise the unique characteristics of Glass.

Last week, developers of two of the most popular Android apps, Evernote and Path, revealed that they would each be creating a version of their app for Google Glass. The New York Times also has a Glass app out and there’s word of a Twitter client coming to the device as well. All in all, these are interesting times if you are a Glass well-wisher.

Published Date: May 04, 2013 11:12 am | Updated Date: May 04, 2013 11:12 am