New Android Malware is a Google+ Look-alike

According a report featured on Trend Micro, a popular anti-virus and network security software maker, the widely used Android platform has shown vulnerabilities to a new, bizarre malware, if the user is not cautious. The malware, named NICKYSPY.C is a bizarre malware, for its ways of harming your device isn't the run-of-the-mill one.

It could happen to your device...

It could happen to your device...


This new malware, for starters looks just like Google+. If that wasn't scary enough, then the malware, once into the device manages to record the calls made by the user, answer their calls automatically in addition to tampering with the messages in the user's inbox, as well as the outbox. Additionally, it collects the GPS data from the infected smartphone, and uploads the information. It also receives every detail in the call logs and redirects SMS', among others.

The spyware, once inside gets active after a boot-up. That done, it isn't long before it shoots off the following services: 

  • AlarmService
  • CallLogService
  • CallRecordService
  • CallsListenerService
  • CommandExecutorService
  • ContactService
  • EnvRecordService
  • GpsService
  • KeyguardLockService
  • LocationService
  • MainService
  • ManualLocalService
  • RegisterService
  • ScreenService
  • SmsControllerService
  • SmsService
  • SocketService
  • SyncContactService
  • UploadService

All data thus received is then redirected to a remote site using port 2018 ({BLOCKED} The recorded voice calls (.AMR format) are stored in /sdcard/mtm/data/. The first samples of the malware first reached Trend Micro, yesterday. The report further adds that the user, on visiting suspicious sites may end up downloading this malware.

Published Date: Aug 13, 2011 03:53 pm | Updated Date: Aug 13, 2011 03:53 pm