Network problems grip Galaxy Nexus post ICS 4.0.4 update

Galaxy Nexus owners seem to have been put face-to-face with a new problem troubling their smartphones, following the multi touch problem, we reported about in December, last year. Now, according to a significant number of posts in XDA developers forum, it has been revealed that a lot of owners, in fact are facing network issues with their phone, once it’s put in the sleep mode. A couple of users complained that when the screen was put in the sleep mode, it would lose its signal completely, following which the user wouldn't be able to receive calls or texts, naturally. As soon as the screen would be turned back on, the signal would come back on with a minimum of three or four bars, which means that it’s most probably not a network operator issue.


This problem occurred only when the phone had been updated to Android 4.0.4. After flashing it back to 4.0.2, the problem disappeared, altogether. As an alternative, one of the fixes recommended was that the minimum CPU speed had to be bumped up to 700 MHz from 350 MHz. One of the reasons cited was that the processor speed dipped below the minimum threshold, so the phone network switched off. Obviously, bumping up the processor speed doesn’t exactly mean you’re maxing out your phone’s battery life. 

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Earlier, the Nexus was plagued with another problem. Certain apps that would utilize the phone’s multi touch feature were reportedly showing problems and were failing to recognize touch on the bottom right corner of the display. And once the problem became visible, it moved on to the other apps as well. The only solution was to toggle the display off and back on. However, with updates, that problem had been fixed. Now, with this latest problem that is plaguing a lot of people, most of them have downgraded back to Android 4.0.2. However, the problem hasn’t been affecting all users, so there’s quite a bit of uncertainty over this whole issue. Are any of you guys owning a Galaxy Nexus facing this issue? If yes, do let us know what problem you are facing, in the comments section below. 

Published Date: Apr 09, 2012 10:41 am | Updated Date: Apr 09, 2012 10:41 am