Netizens Dub the Apple iPad as 'iFail'

Contrary to the fanboyish reactions that every Apple conference gets, the iPad seems to have unanimously gotten a negative reaction on all fronts.

First off, Steve Jobs hardly seemed enthusiastic about the iPad being revolutionary, as is quite evident in his presentation (check out the embedded video below).

Compare this presentation to a more successful product launch like the iPhone (video below), or the Macbook Air, and you can’t help but feel that Jobs didn’t have much conviction in his latest offering.

Moreover, the reaction from the community seems hardly positive. Gaurav Gupta, a blogger and a loyal Apple user writes, “The launch of the Apple tablet was possibly the biggest marketing hype I have seen in a long time. However, when I saw Steve Jobs holding the “iPad” for the first time, I could immediately sense that something has gone horribly wrong.” (Source )

The YouTube video of the keynote has comments like:

“ummm this isn't the first tablet ever invented. I had a tablet about 7 years ago... and I know some of yall had tablets way before that. it's cool, but it's not as "incredible" and revolutionary as he's making it sound. This piece of shit is just a big iTouch. There's NO POINT having this and an iphone because they share 95% of the same features. so just get an iPhone.” - TheWiseCommenter

“iPod jumbo
iPod mega
iChopping board”
- geronba

Twitter too has received some interesting criticisms on the iPad:

"Man, even something as simple as putting an iSight web camera in the iPad would have made it more appealing." - @letunaman

"I have to say, the overwhelming response is a "no" on getting the iPad. Definitely a fight for Apple to show us why we need it." - @joshuatopolsky

Of course a name like iPad also attracted some Feminine hygiene product-related jokes:

"The ipad is cool, but I think I'll hold out for the itampon." - @samantharonson

“Maxipad??? Do they even think before they name things?? Lmao!
Anyway, really why would you want that? Harder to carry than a lap top, harder to type on if your typing with your hands, more apt to getting the screen scratched, really it's just a huge fail.”
- NYDrummer16

Lastly, even our own iPad launch story got quite a bit of fan hate as comments:

“As expected all hype and no big revolution. Looks like Apple knows how to drag the attention of the tech reviewers every time. Features like multitasking is important for a device like this. I cant imagine even my tiny WM phone without the convenience of reading emails while my GPS app is busy navigating me. To me this device has a long way to go. Feel free to disagree” – Manoj

Though a lot of the iHate may seem unreasonable, there's no denying that a good number of fans seem a bit disappointed with the launch. How much of this reflects on the products sales? Only time will tell.

Published Date: Jan 28, 2010 11:19 am | Updated Date: Jan 28, 2010 11:19 am