Need for Speed: Most Wanted available for pre-loading on downloads4u

Game4u, a retailer of game hardware and software, through the public beta of its digital download service for PC gamers in India is now offering the latest games for pre-loading. You can now pre-load Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Standard Edition) straight to your PC through ‘downloads4u’.

Once downloaded, you will receive an activation code, which enables you to activate the game as soon as it is released. In this case, with Need for Speed: Most Wanted, you can start burning rubber on November 2, 2012. offers Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Rs 1,499 through standard modes of payment such as credit and debit cards, and net banking.

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You can now pre-load Most Wanted from downloads4u


Game4u had recently announced the public beta of its digital distribution service – downloads4u – for gamers in India. According to an official statement by the company, Game4u is the first Indian electronic retailer to feature a digital distribution service in India. The rise in India’s Internet penetration from 80 million to an estimated 376 million by 2015 coupled with a projected 39 million PC broadband connections by 2015 will augment the online community of PC gamers in India. This set of consumers also form a large part of the 11 million users transacting online, slated to reach 38 million by 2015, thus creating a huge opportunity for growth in this sector.

As per an official statement by the company, you can download more than 300 games directly to your PC through 'downloads4u'. From the all time favourite catalogue games that are nearly impossible to find in stores, to the most recent ones, Game4u will offer a wide range of PC games at price points ranging between Rs 99 to Rs 2,499 using local payment options. Today gamers demand their games on the day of release; this service will enable gamers to get their most anticipated games almost instantly on launch.

Speaking on the launch of 'downloads4u' service on, Jayont Sharma, Chairman and CEO, Milestone Interactive Group, said, “Through “downloads4u” we wanted to introduce a unique and easy-to-use service for Indian consumers to get their PC and Mac games. India is one of the most promising gaming markets in the world and gaming on PC continues to be hugely popular. This service will enhance reach and availability of PC Games to consumers in far flung markets, currently not reachable through physical distribution. This new offering from Game4u re-inforces our commitment to provide best in class services to our loyal fans.”

“You can currently download popular games from the likes of Electronic Arts and SEGA in addition to a host of never seen before titles from independent publishers. In the months to come, we hope to expand our offering to 1000+ games by getting all leading publishers on the platform,” added Sharma.

At the moment, 'downloads4u' is available as a public beta on

More information on Game4u and downloads4u can be found on the company’s Facebook and Twitter page, as well as the official blog.

Published Date: Nov 01, 2012 10:18 AM | Updated Date: Nov 01, 2012 10:18 AM