Nearly 45 percent of developers land jobs after participating in coding contests: Study

With programming competitions or code contests gaining popularity, a study has revealed that 45 percent respondents received job offers by participating in such coding competitions. According to a latest TJinsite study, powered by TechGig, a TimesJobs platform, nearly 45 percent participants admitted having received job offers through coding contests. Last year, 30 percent software professionals said they received job offers by taking part in such code contests.

The study revealed that not just coders, employees and participants think code contests are a great platform to hone their skill and being recognised, employers too look forward to these competitions in order to identify and hire the best brains in the field. Over 55 percent employees and 65 percent employers feel participating in code contests are a very worthwhile pursuits. It further said about 70 percent employers agree that code contests are a great way to improve skills, become better problem solvers, learn the intricacies of programming languages and even prepare for job interviews.

"Coding platforms are helping companies with critical talent identification, workplace engagement and making the right hiring decisions in a cost-effective way," TimesJobs and TechGig business head Ramathreya Krishnamurthi said. It further said the growth in participation suggests that these code contests have become a crucial part of work and workplace strategy. This year, nearly 60 percent candidates informed they have participated in these competitions at some point in their career, which was 40 percent last year, it added.

In fact, participation of women employees has also improved to 45 percent this year against 35 percent in 2016. It said code contests are no longer limited to just recruitment, these competitions are being leveraged to promote creativity, innovation and healthy competition at the workplace, boosting motivation and productivity levels.

Published Date: Jul 04, 2017 19:24 PM | Updated Date: Jul 04, 2017 19:24 PM