Nanotechnology Ensures Longevity of Your Batteries

You’re waiting for an important call or want to send that crucial message and whoops…your phone dies out! If that’s a scenario you’re familiar with, then you’re going to love what we have to share.

They'll run longer....

They'll run longer....



IBM will have its nanotechnology to ensure longer battery life out in the market, soon. Designed by the researchers at the University of Illinois, the nanotechnology would enhance the battery life of portable devices. So much so, that you wouldn’t find the need to charge it again, atleast for a month. As good as it sounds, the technology is still in the developing process, and is expected to hit the market soon.


The methodology it would follow is that it would reduce the power bit that goes into the flash memory of portable devices; also it would use carbon nanotubes, instead of the metal wire standard in the industry. The benefit of nanotubes is that they’re not prone to spoilage, unlike the metal wires. Hence, longevity is ensured.


This technology also ensures lesser power consumption. Also, the benefits of this will be experienced by users of all the devices that consume battery.

Published Date: Mar 12, 2011 06:08 pm | Updated Date: Mar 12, 2011 06:08 pm