NamoroFake creates fake 'girlfriend profiles' on Facebook for $39

After all the weird things that Internet has served on our plates, we aren’t really surprised with this piece of news. If you have been bragging about that non-existing girlfriend for a long time and your friends have begun to doubt her existence due to her absence on social networks, then NamoroFake has come out to solve your problem. These days, Facebook has become the testimony of your existence, and NamoroFake reportedly will generate a fake Facebook profile posing as your girlfriend with comments and relationship statuses from the past 30 days.

Virtual girlfriend

Virtual girlfriend


This Brazil-based site is said to be almost foolproof. But the catch is posting a picture of you two together. That’s something you may have to do using photo-editing sites, if need be. The NamoroFake website shows various plans for creating fake profiles available for a price ranging from $10 to $99. The site can generate a fake girlfriend profile, which will be valid for 7 days with 10 comments for $39.00. A virtual girlfriend profile can be created for $99, which will be valid for one month. Other profiles shown by the site are $10 Signifier, a fake profile valid for 3 days and $19 Ex-girlfriend fake profile valid for 7 days.  

Currently, you will find fake girlfriend profiles on NamoroFake, but we may soon see the same for fake boyfriends too. This isn’t the first time that we have come across a fake profile site. We had earlier heard about CloudGirlfriend for a virtual Facebook girlfriend profile. This fake girlfriend would even post on your Walls. Obviously, you would have to pay for creating these fake profiles. However, later it was reported that CloudGirlfriend launched as a dating site rather than virtual girlfriend service.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around fake Facebook profiles. Reports have quoted an official from the company saying that the social network with a 900 million stronghold was making a “huge attempt” to erase fake profiles from its network. By doing so, it aimed to discourage the misuse of such fake profiles. Coming down strictly on fake profiles is the latest to come in what seems to be an attempt by Facebook to improve user experience, while also focusing on security.

Published Date: Jan 17, 2013 13:00 PM | Updated Date: Jan 17, 2013 13:00 PM