Names of upcoming Windows Phone 8 handsets revealed through WP database

Towards the latter half of last month, Microsoft officially unveiled their upcoming mobile operating system titled Windows Phone 8 and earlier on this month; reports started floating around as to when the first handsets running this operating system would be available. Current Windows Phone devices will not receive the update to Windows Phone 8 so the entire world is eagerly waiting for manufacturers to reveal their devices running on this OS. As of now, there have been no images to visually please us with respect to the upcoming Windows Phone 8 handsets but the latest bit of information does reveal a little of what may be in store. PhoneArena received information via WPDang by way of a screenshot, which shows a list of some of the handsets that will be launched running the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS.

Names of Windows Phone 8 handset surface

Names of Windows Phone 8 handset surface


The report states, “The developer of Love Wallpapers HD has outed a tablet that allegedly contains names of upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices, which they came across in WP device database, while testing their backgrounds. A number of those sound pretty interesting, since besides the ones we've heard about before, like Nokia Phi, Nokia Fluid, and the enigmatic Juggernaut Alpha, we now also have the Nokia Dogphone (?!), Nokia P4301 and Samsung SGH-I687.” The names of these handsets may be internal codenames for the devices and in all likelihood they may hit the shelves using different names as opposed to the titles mentioned above. Apart from the names of these handsets, there is still no word yet on the specifications they may feature.

The report takes a guess by claiming that the Nokia P4301 could be a PureView handset. Hence we may see a Lumia PureView handset a lot sooner than expected, which will be great news for fans eagerly awaiting a Lumia handset with above average smartphone camera optics.

For those of you who do not know what Windows Phone 8 will bring to the table, here is a brief on what to expect. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore claims that many of the new capabilities available on the Windows Phone 8 OS comes from Windows, which is the most successful and powerful operating system on the planet, and one used by more than a billion people. Windows Phone 8 is based on the same core technologies that power Windows 8. As a result, Windows Phone 8 will come equipped with a new wave of features for consumers, developers, and businesses.

The Windows Phone 8 OS also comes with a flexible new Start screen. Microsoft states, “We’re making Windows Phone 8 even more personal, with a new palette of theme colors and three sizes of Live Tiles, all of which are under your control. We know Live Tiles are one of the things current owners really love about their Windows Phones, and we wanted to make them even more flexible and unique.”

The other highlighted features of Windows Phone 8 include multi-core processor support, ability to support bigger and sharper displays, more flexible storage capabilities, NFC wireless sharing Internet Explorer 10, Wallet, better maps and directions, improved apps and games.

Published Date: Jul 11, 2012 09:26 am | Updated Date: Jul 11, 2012 09:26 am