Namco Bandai launches free-to-play Tekken Card Tournament on Android, iOS, web browsers

Namco Bandai is expanding its Tekken franchise with a new game on Android and iOS devices, as well as web browsers. But instead of being  a typical fighting game, the game is a turn-based game that focuses on cards you can use to fight opponents. The game, dubbed Tekken Card Tournament, is available for free on Google Play, the iTunes App Store, and the game’s official website if you want to play it in your web browser.

The game features 3D visuals and you will be able to see your character duke it out with the enemies like a typical fight in Tekken. Your moves, however, are decided by cards that are split into three categories – Focus, Strike and Block.

Focus cards are used to buff up your attacks so that you will take away more of the enemy’s health per hit. It can also beef up your defenses so the enemy’s attacks don’t hit you as hard as they would have otherwise. Strike and Block are pretty self explanatory. Strike will let you hit enemies with different moves depending on the cards you have while Block will block your enemy’s attacks.


Tekken Card Tournament is out now for Android, iOS and browsers


The game has a bunch of options for playing. You can either practice in solo matches against the AI or take it online where you can play asynchronous multiplayer battles. This lets you have more than one battle so that you don’t get bored while waiting for your opponent’s turn. There will also be themed contests and weekly battles where you can earn extra rewards.

Namco Bandai will be launching real cards later this year that tie in to the game. The company plans to launch 190 cards that you can buy and import into your game by scanning the QR codes in the cards. There are also talks about some implementation of Augmented Reality that will let you watch fights happen on your table, but this bit seems gimmicky at best.

You can customise your deck to have whatever cards you want. You can further expand it by getting new cards by using the fusion system. This essentially fuses two or more cards to give you brand new cards with different properties. Strategy is a bit important while building your deck, however, and you will want a balanced combination of Strike, Block and Focus cards.

The biggest feature of the game is that you can play matches against players playing on other platforms. A player on an Android device can play with someone playing in a browser.

Published Date: Apr 05, 2013 15:27 PM | Updated Date: Apr 05, 2013 15:27 PM