MyXenzo Offers Mobile Social Networking Access With A Difference

MyXenzo, launched today in India, offers a consistent user interface on 80% of mobiles with even basic levels of Internet access – including many popular older models which are particularly prevalent.

MyXenzo doesn’t rely on the traditional ‘friends of friends’ model to find people of interest to users, but instead enables users to create separate profiles for home, work, leisure and relationships. It uses proprietary matching algorithms to seek out the specific people and services that are nearby and of interest to them. The service includes geo-location, but also enables users to select other locations – so for example, they can plan where to eat near home that evening whilst still at work or chat one to one with a contact near work whilst they are at home. Once they’ve accepted an invitation, users can chat one-to-one with connections. However, they retain full control over their privacy, deciding which invitations to accept or block and staying safe in the knowledge that private information cannot be compromised as no data is published in public lists.

MyXenzo was created in London and developed in India with the help of Softsmith, a Chennai based software team.

Designed for mobile from the start, MyXenzo is hosted as a web application on cloud computing. Users simply download small amount of data and an icon to the phone’s applications list which starts the web browser and opens the application’s URL.

MyXenzo has been built to work on the majority of popular phones and smartphones with Internet access. For a list of compatible phones go to

The service is free to download from, and other popular application stores including the Apple Apps store and the Ovi Store.

Published Date: Aug 12, 2010 11:19 am | Updated Date: Aug 12, 2010 11:19 am