MWC 2011: Nvidia Reveals Tegra Roadmap, Announces Quad-Core Mobile Processor

If you think you’ve seen everything with regards to multi-core processing (more like energizing) smartphones at the MWC this year, think again. NVIDIA has announced their latest plans, a quad-core processor codenamed Project Kal-El.

Bringing awesomeness to smartphones

At Mobile World Congress, NVIDIA demonstrated Kal-El running on an Android tablet. The demonstration not only showed the chip running but also had Kal-El powered device browsing the Web, running games and streaming video and it seems that this isn’t any average video, but one that plays at a 1440p resolution on a 2560 x 1600 display screen. This processor will enable smartphones to output videos at the highest resolution monitors or tablets are equipped with - a 10.1-inch display with 300 DPI. Check out the browser benchmarking video below.

The roadmap that Nvidia has announced includes three more projects, titled Wayne, Logan and Stark. As you can see on the performance scale, Stark is right up there at 100 while the current Tegra 2 starts off at one!

More to come soon, lots more

It certainly will be interesting to see how Kal-El does once it hits markets, something which we’ll see sooner rather than later. What’s more interesting is what will Stark actually have to offer once it’s announced in 2014? Anyway, here’s another video of Coremark performance on Kal-El.

Published Date: Feb 16, 2011 12:44 pm | Updated Date: Feb 16, 2011 12:44 pm