MWC 2010: Comviva Launches 'One Click' Online Gaming Solution

Comviva provider of integrated mobile VAS solutions in emerging markets has launched its ‘no-download’ Online Gaming Solution (OGS) at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010.

Comviva’s OGS is an end- to-end integrated online, server-driven offering, which provides users with ‘one-click’ access to a wide variety of games, once the ‘OGS client’ software has been downloaded. Unlike the current model offered by operators, where users have to download each individual game onto their mobile phone, with OGS, users gain one-click access to a whole repository of games. The solution’s advanced personalization features simplify service usage and facilitate game discovery - significantly increasing gaming penetration by enhancing gaming APRU from both existing and new users.

The OGS solution is based on technology from Comviva that enables existing J2ME games to be played online over low-bandwidth GPRS networks. OGS’s in-built intelligence ensures users only see games that are compatible with their mobile devices. OGS also ensures that users are presented with relevant gaming options - a newcomer is offered games most commonly chosen by new users and a regular user is presented with games that match their gaming behavior and usage profile. This mechanism improves the gamers’ service experience and forms the foundation for repeat usage and a long-term gaming relationship.

Elaborating on OGS’s benefits for mobile users, Manoranjan Mohapatra, CEO, Comviva said, “Recent reports show mobile gaming industry revenues globally are expected to grow from USD 4.3 billion in 2008 to USD 7 billion by 2013. We believe that online gaming options can drive industry revenues far beyond this, especially in price-sensitive emerging markets. This is why our Online Gaming Solution represents such a significant step in building the mobile gaming market. Not only is the service experience vastly superior, but consumers will also benefit from highly flexible pricing propositions.”

On the benefits to operators, Mahapatra added, “Currently, an upfront, one-time payment to download a game is the dominant pricing model in the mobile gaming industry. The relatively high price of downloads, together with consumer uncertainty as to whether they will like the game restricts service usage and growth.OGS enables operators to offer ‘try first, then pay’ models. This model also drives repeat usage, greater uptake of new games and stronger revenue growth.”

Comviva’s OGS enables operators to showcase a large catalogue of games, providing users with a choice of new and classic games across a wide variety of genres. The online model also reduces the cost of testing and porting, encouraging developers to create more games – and in turn driving industry growth.

Published Date: Feb 16, 2010 09:33 am | Updated Date: Feb 16, 2010 09:33 am