Must Have Android Apps: Social Networking/Other Internet Apps

Although the Android OS is being widely used, new users are cropping up all the time. I’ve had quite substantial amount of readers, friends and friends of friends asking me which Android phone to buy and what applications are the best or most useful to have, hence this series of articles came to be. So for the newbie Android users here are some of the must have applications for those who are into social networking and also like handy internet based applications for all reasons.

Social Networking

Facebook/Twitter for Android
While Android handsets, irrespective of whom the manufacturer may be, come with social networking integration dedicated Facebook and Twitter clients are not always present. Facebook and Twitter for Android should be the first free apps you get off the Market. They each offer dedicated interfaces that are simple and easy to use with widget options for your desktops. Of course HTC has their FriendStream app and Samsung offers an almost identical version for their devices, but if you want to keep them separate, the official/dedicated apps for these social networks are the best way to go.

This is a very interesting application for the Social Networkers who like exploring the cities they live. Using your handsets GPS + A-GPS functionality, it allows you ‘Check-In’ to places like restaurants, clubs, boutiques, etc. and save those locations so that friends can see where you’ve been. You can rate places and also get badges for frequent visits etc. It’s a fun way to share your location with friends in the network and let them know about places of interest you’ve found. You can also give them directions and locations to those places to make it easier.

Ebo Birthday
For people like me who find it really hard to remember people’s birthdays, the Ebo Birthday app is just perfect. It integrates with your Facebook account and calendar to save all the birthdays of your friends and gives you reminders a few days in advance as well as on the day itself. Very handy, a definite must have for those with a bad memory for this kind of thing.

When it comes to chatting applications Nimbuzz is one of the better options especially since it allows you to sync up with friends over a variety of accounts.

Published Date: Aug 23, 2010 08:46 am | Updated Date: Aug 23, 2010 08:46 am