Must Have Android Apps - Apps for the Weekend Getaway

Whenever I think of a weekend getaway, I'm always reminded of the movie 'Hangover' and how Doug gets lost (or is assumed to be lost). We've all had our share of misfortunes getting lost, (me included!) but that should be the last thing you worry about while going out of town on a weekend with friends, family or colleagues. Here’s a list of Weekend Getaway apps for your Android phone, think of them as must haves like your Swiss Army knife or your moisturizer. Just before we get started, this is a list of apps that you will need for a short weekend getaway and not a holiday.

While some of the apps are generic, others are for those with GPS enabled phones with either Google Maps or any other mapping software on board. So load up that rucksack and get ready to hit the road.

Tesla LED Flashlight
Like any mobile phone user you would already used your phone as a torch before by switching on the display or activating the camera’s LED flash. Some handsets even have a dedicated flashlight feature to switch on the LED without starting up the camera and the Tesla LED Flashlight by TeslaCoil Software is just that and is extremely handy. This app was included based on the assumption that you’re going trekking or camping and might not have an alternate source of light after sun down. It has a widget that can be dropped onto your desktop that activates your camera’s LED flash just by tapping it. It’s available free for all versions/devices of Android that come with cameras that use an LED flash.

Packing List
Ok I'll be very honest, I have a very bad memory when it comes to my belongings. As it happens, on more than one occasion, I have forgotten basic stuff just because I was too lazy to write up a checklist. This happens to everyone, especially when you’re running late and will inevitably forget something like socks, a toothbrush, underwear (hey it could happen). The Packing List app by DotNetIdeas, is just what you need in times like this. Now, you just need to check the list (already custom made) and you can even add, delete and edit your itineraries whenever you require. It can go to great lengths and get quite comprehensive for those longer trips where you’ll need quite a bit of your daily stuff. It also allows you to make a list from scratch and you can simply check the categories/ items for the trip, as you pack them. It’s a very handy and absolutely must-have app if you have a tendency of leaving things behind.

For the more Weekend Getaway Apps for Android check out this link.

Published Date: Aug 18, 2010 04:10 pm | Updated Date: Aug 18, 2010 04:10 pm