Music Apps for Your iPhone/iPod Touch

Geeks have certain common interests; phones, music etc. So here's a little something that involves both of these. Here are some apps you can make music on your iPhone with. The good thing about these applications is that you don’t really have to be a musician to use them. And did I mention they’re free?!

Touch Chords
This application is perfect for those who want to start learning the guitar. I learned a couple of songs from here myself. It includes some popular numbers like ‘Every Breath you Take’ by The Police and ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple. Once you get a hang of these tracks, you could even put them to use on a real guitar. There are also some variants of Touch Chords you could buy, right from the premium version to special band editions. However, these will need to be bought from the store and cost between $ 2.99 - $ 4.99.

Red Bull BPM Pro Lite Player
Although this is just the ‘Lite’ version and has limited songs to play around with, this app is loads of fun and can keep you busy for hours. You can not only mix tracks, but also add a bunch of effects to them such as a flanger, echo and delay. Pretty smooth stuff. You can also get the Pro version for $ 8.99.

This app is a really easy one to get addicted to, and as Synthtopia puts it, it’s ‘A Bit Like Musical Crack’! All you have to do is tap the little circles on the screen and listen to your notes as the app plays them back. You can create some really unique tunes with this handy little app. And if you need even more, there’s always TonePad Pro which costs just $ 0.99.

Zoozbeat Lite
Although this application can be a little tricky to use, you’ll find that it provides plenty of entertainment. Select your instrument and shake, tap and tilt your phone to create plenty of your own melodies. Once you get used to the timing, you’ll be surprised at some of the tunes you can come up with. When you’re done with the ‘Lite’ version, you can always get the full deal for $ 0.99.

Baby Scratch
I’ve saved the best for the last. Well, at least it’s my favourite. This is the first iPhone based DJ turntable application that has a built in sampler. You can even sample your own voice with it. Your dreams of being a DJ have now come to life.

So hit up your app store, install, and enjoy! Of course, if you have some audio based apps that you really like, do send in your suggestions.

Published Date: Sep 25, 2010 09:54 am | Updated Date: Sep 25, 2010 09:54 am