Mumbai Indians' Zaheer Khan Talks About Tech in Cricket

Video analysis has changed the way cricket is being played, and nowhere is this more evident than in the fast bowling department. Mumbai Indians pace spearhead Zaheer Khan tells us how technology has taken cricket to the next level.

Do you feel technology has a role to play in cricket? If so what has been the most significant technological innovation you have seen over your playing career?

Technology has a part to play in the game. For cricketers, the most significant innovation would have to be the introduction of video analysis into the game. This has become an integral part of our preparation, for both batsmen and bowlers. A batsman can study how to play a particular bowler and figure out how to hit him. For a bowler, it exposes the batsmen’s weaknesses and we are able to use that to our advantage. Apart from providing intelligence, video analysis is also used for corrective analysis to iron out the flaws in a players’ performance.

How does it help fast bowlers, for example, improve?

Dennis Lillee introduced us to corrective video analysis at the MRF speed camp in Chennai. He showed us on the screen how it works and how we can use it to better understand a batsman’s game. We also learnt about corrective analysis from him. As fast bowlers, we run in to bowl fast, so we are not aware of the mistakes that creep into our actions. Things like your head falling, feet landing, or even the arm positioning. These can be identified by studying a bowler’s action over a period of time and correcting it accordingly.