Mozilla Streamlines Passwords, Rolls out BrowserID

In an attempt of the make the user’s online experience of trying out new websites and new services that the Internet offers; Mozilla has launched BrowserID, as per the company's official blog post. The newest technology to have come out of the Mozilla camp allows users to maintain just one password for their several online accounts, and most importantly keep the task of confirming their sign-ins at bay.

All that you need?

All that you need?


Operating on the Verified Email Protocol, BrowserID basically gives the user of a particular address the authority to prove that particular email belongs to him. The system of BrowserID, completely negates the need of having to enter one’s user name and password for each login, but instead shifts the reliability completely on email ids to do the same. To begin with, users just need to pick the site they want to log into using BrowserID. BrowserID then gives you an option of the email address you choose to sign-in with. While all this is being done, the users’ identity is being verified and taken down to assist BrowserID for the user’s further sign-ins.
For beginners who wish to set up BrowserID on their system, a set of email addresses and passwords need to be provided to BrowserID, so that the latter has it stored on its database. After a quick verification, the user is informed via mail that he needs to verify his email address by clicking a link provided in the mail. Once the user verifies his email, he’s good to go. After this process, whenever the user attempts to log-in the registered site using BrowserID, all he’s got to do is decide which email id he chooses to log in with.

Mozilla adds, that the best part about BrowserID is that it doesn’t leak back data to even its own servers, let alone to anyone else. However, for now, only the prototype has been readied. But, Mozilla-iites are one optimistic bunch. Others, you could give BrowserID a try here. You could alternately view the video below, and know what BrowserID is all about.



Published Date: Jul 18, 2011 12:19 pm | Updated Date: Jul 18, 2011 12:19 pm