Mozilla releases Firefox 13 ahead of schedule

With Google’s Chrome browser taking the number one spot, it appears that all other browsers are trying to catch up. One browser that seems to be off the pace is Mozilla’s browser, but with their new update, it doesn't look like they are looking to sit quietly and have released Firefox 13 ahead of schedule, albeit by a day.

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Firefox 13 now available for download


According to a report by Download Crew, “Mozilla decided to change the way they would release a new version of Firefox, somewhat mimicking the Chrome release schedule. You can now download this stable version of Firefox, currently v13, from this page, while adventurous users can also check out v14 Aurora and even v15 of Nightly, Firefox's "Canary" build, reserved for the most foolhardy.”

This version of Firefox has been available in a beta form for quite a while and after releasing the update, users will now notice two major changes. There are improvements in the latest version of Firefox, which include a redesigned Home page and a new tabs page.

In a related report by the Los Angeles Times, explaining the updates, the author states, “The new tab page is no longer a white, blank waste of real estate, but rather, it shows you your nine most visited websites.” This is familiar to the top sites feature on the Safari browser and it is something that Firefox needed. However, for those who like the blank page layout, there is a solution for that - clicking on the button on the top right corner to access it.

The other notable feature is Tabs on Demand, wherein a user can reload a prior session, in which he had multiple tabs open. However, this is a smooth process and instead of making all the tabs open at the same time, the report states, "Tabs on Demand only opens each tab as you get around to using it.”

The report goes on to add, “And there's also Reset Firefox. This feature works when Firefox stops working by migrating your bookmarks, passwords, cookies and other data to a new profile while resetting everything else to default.

To download this free update of Mozilla Firefox 13, head on over to the link here.

Published Date: Jun 05, 2012 09:23 am | Updated Date: Jun 05, 2012 09:23 am