Mozilla Brings Firefox 4 Beta 5 to Android

After Google releasing an e-books app for Android, there’s also news about Mozilla releasing the Beta 5 version of Firefox 4. Finally after getting the latest beta version, it’s quite likely that the final stable version of the browser will be coming to both the web and mobile spheres almost simultaneously.

Firefox getting Android love...

Firefox getting Android love...



The Web Android Market says that there’s no support for the Motorola Milestone or the Droid, but maybe all other smartphones are supported then. The new version of the browser enables users to sync their Firefox history, bookmarks and tabs between the desktop and smartphones.

Like we told you earlier this month, improvements in the new Firefox browser include faster start up and page load times, increased JavaScript performance and increased responsiveness to panning and zooming on a web page. On the other hand though, a few users say that the browser is still pretty slow.

You can try out their browser and tell us whether any new improvements are needed and whether you can find some changes or not.