Mozilla Announces Thunderbird 5

In keeping pace with Firefox, Mozilla’s email client Thunderbird have also adopted the rapid release cycle with the latest version of Thunderbird 5. The new release of the email client is said to deliver faster performance, safer email experience and a new add-ons manager. The latest build of Thunderbird includes more than 390 improvements and performance enhancements that make Thunderbird more responsive, faster to start up and easier to use.

Thunderbird 5 now available

Thunderbird 5 now available


The highlighted features of Thunderbird 5 include:


  • More responsive and faster to start up and use
  • Thunderbird is based on the new Mozilla Gecko 5 engine
  • New Add-ons Manager
  • Revised account creation wizard to improve email setup
  • New Troubleshooting Information page
  • Tabs can now be reordered and dragged to different windows
  • Attachment sizes now displayed along with attachments
  • Plug-ins can now be loaded in RSS feeds by default
  • There are several theme fixes for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Support for Mac 32/64 bit Universal builds (Thunderbird no longer supports PowerPC on Mac)
  • Over 390 platform fixes that improve speed, performance, stability and security

The Mozilla Thunderbird version 5.0 is available free of cost for Windows, Mac and Linux. The update is available in 43 languages and can be downloaded from

Published Date: Jul 01, 2011 10:12 am | Updated Date: Jul 01, 2011 10:12 am