Mozilla announces its fastest Firefox browser in beta; calls it Firefox Quantum

Mozilla today announced the beta stage release of a major haul of its Firefox browser called Firefox Quantum. The company has been working on modernising and rebuilding its Firefox browser for a while now and has finally released what it touts as 'version 57' of the Firefox browser.

Mozilla logo. Mozilla

Mozilla logo. Mozilla

Mozilla had announced Project Quantum in a blog post back in October 2016 in a bid to overhaul its rendering engine. The company's engineers have since worked for 11 months to announce Firefox Quantum as the fastest Firefox ever. The Next Web states in its report that while the new browser might not be as incremental a change as it claims to be, Firefox Quantum does take a major leap towards becoming a major Google Chrome competitor in terms of speed and performance.

The report states that the new Quantum comes with a new CSS engine that makes the browser capable of working in parallel across multiple cores. This in itself makes the Firefox Quantum more efficient than other browsers as it does function as a single process on a particular core.

Mozilla in their blog post also claims that Firefox Quantum prioritizes tabs based on the order in which they are used, making it up to 30 percent more efficient as compared to Google Chrome. The company also claims to have killed as many as 469 bugs that marred its predecessor's performance.

Apart from performance improvements, the new browser also brings in a new design language with a more clutter-free minimalist approach. Firefox Quantum's Developers Beta is available for Windows, MacOS as well as Linux, along with test versions available for Android and iOS as well.

Published Date: Sep 28, 2017 00:00 AM | Updated Date: Sep 28, 2017 00:00 AM