Motorola's new devices will have stock Android and a 'just right' display size

Motorola has been very quiet in recent times, especially when it comes to any collaborative devices between it and Google, but now there's finally some concrete information about the two companies' products. According to PCMag, instead of simply going for a bigger screen size, Motorola will instead be going for a size that is described as "just right".

Motorola's Design Chief Jim Wicks even commented about the time when Google said that Motorola's current line-up of Razr phones lack the "wow" factor that the search giant is looking for.

"It comes off as kind of weird to anyone who hears it for the first time, but there have been follow-up discussions and there's no issues with that at all," he said. "We've been spending the past eight months on this next generation of phones, and we've all seen positive feedback and collaboration around things."

The first devices as a result of collaboration between the two companies is slated to come out in the second half of 2013. The devices will supposedly run on stock Android and will lack Motorola's MotoBlur UI.


Motorola and Google are working on a phone with a screen size that's "just right"


"Consumers love what the Android OS can do for them, and they want to have the most recent releases faster," Wicks said. "From a software and UI perspective, our strategy is to embrace Android and to make it the best expression of Android and Google in the market. It will be the unadulterated version of Android, and I feel really good about our embracing Android and being the best Android experience."

About the screen size, Wicks said that Motorola is going for a "better is better" philosophy rather than a "bigger is better" one.

"Certain people like a large screen," Wicks said. "But there's a sweet spot for consumers that we're currently exceeding in the market. There are some people that like a big display, but there's also a lot of people that want something that's just about right," he said. "I think 'just right' is important, and we're designing so we don't disappoint those people."


The comment about the screen size could possibly be a dig against Samsung, since the Korean company seems to be going crazy while escalating its device's screen sizes. Just recently, the company unveiled a massive 6.3-inch smartphone, appropriately named the Galaxy Mega.


Just recently, Google boss Eric Schmidt had commented on how Motorola's upcoming products are "phenomenal". Schmidt expressed this during the recent AllThingsD mobile conference.

"What I'd advise to do with Motorola is wait and see with the next generation of technology," Schmidt said. "It's very, very impressive."


Back in March, Google CFO and Vice President Patrick Prichette said that the devices in Motorola’s pipeline aren’t up to Google’s standards of "wow". He said that the products are "not really to the standards that what Google would say is wow — innovative, transformative." 

Published Date: Apr 17, 2013 14:14 PM | Updated Date: Apr 17, 2013 14:14 PM