Motorola Reveals 250,000 Xoom Tablets were shipped

Official numbers are out regarding the number of Xoom tablets being shipped in the first month of its release. It was expected that the numbers would be minimal with analysts predicting low figures.

Motorola ships 250,000 Xooms

Motorola ships 250,000 Xooms


It should be noted that no detail is provided on the amount of units sold, with certain reports claiming that the number of units sold could be as low as 15,000. Apple on the other hand reported selling 4.7 million iPads when they released their financial results for the second quarter of its fiscal year which ended in March 2011.
The Xoom went on sale in late February and was the first tablet to ship with Google’s Android Honeycomb OS and was regarded to be the biggest threat to the iPad. Even though Motorola has shipped 250,000 Xoom tablets, the number is far lower than the 1 million iPad 2 tablets which Apple sold within its first weekend.

The company expects to ship between1.5 to 2 million tablets for the full year. Along with the Xoom, Motorola plans on rolling out other tablets as well this year. These tablets are expected in new form factors.

Published Date: May 02, 2011 06:33 pm | Updated Date: May 02, 2011 06:33 pm