Motorola Mobility introduces DreamGallery - its next-gen TV interface

Yesterday, after Chinese regulators okayed Google's buyout of Motorola Mobility, the final hurdle that came in between the search giant’s realization of ambitions was lifted and now there's some fresh news coming in. Motorola Mobility, in an official blogpost introduced its next-generation TV interface, called DreamGallery, which the company claims is for those who hate searching for what to watch on TV. DreamGallery by Motorola Medios, as aforementioned will aim at reducing the time consumers spending on searching for content on TV to watch, thereby increasing their TV viewing time. The official post further states that DreamGallery is essentially a video navigation software using which providers can create "personalized, branded TV experiences (soon on multiple devices) in HTML5 and the cloud—so updates to the user interface happen in real-time. No more waiting six months.


Introducing DreamGallery

Introducing DreamGallery



Motorola Medios, as introduced in the post is, "a service management software system that seamlessly integrates web and walled-garden content. Medios creates a secure media delivery platform that enables service providers to rapidly evolve their service offering and personalize consumer experiences across multiple screens and networks to capitalize on the business opportunities enabled by the Internet Era of TV.” The post further adds that the entire set-up that has been placed apart is the company's Portal Server and Software Development Kit (SDK), using which providers can create new TV experiences using templates or begin one from scratch to add the customizations they find necessary.


The company with their latest offering aims at making finding and discovering content "dead simple and screaming fast".

Published Date: May 22, 2012 03:04 pm | Updated Date: May 22, 2012 03:04 pm