Motorola manages to keep Apple off Germany, for now

If true, this bit of news will be the game changer in the ongoing spate of patent infringment lawsuits, largely dominated by Apple's victories. According to a post by FOSS PATENTS, Motorola Mobility, who're one of the world's most popular handset manufacturers, have managed to secure for themselves a preliminary injunction against Apple, following which the latter's run in Germany, looks bleak.

Spot the difference?

Apple faces the heat now?



Motorola Mobility and Apple have been embroiled in a legal row over alleged patent infringements, since a while now. It all began when Apple alleged that Motorola's XOOM tablet looked similar to its iPad. After his supposed preliminary injunction, at least for now, any of Apple's mobile products would stay out of Germany, which happens to be the single largest market in Europe. The post further states that this preliminary injunction has been decided upon by the Mannheim Regional Court, Germany. 


The post, however also clears that what is in hand is essentially a preliminary injunction and not the final verdict in ths respect. Hence, Motorola Mobility cannot think that Apple is out of the German picture, for now.