Motorola announces plans for Ice Cream Sandwich update

Last month, those lucky enough to own the Wi-Fi version of the Motorola Xoom tablet were greeted with a neat New Year’s gift in the form of an update to Google’s latest operating software, Ice Cream Sandwich. What about the rest of the Motorola users out there waiting for the Android 4.0 update? Motorola recently answered that question by posting on their official blog about the release schedule for other tablets and smartphones.

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Ice Cream Sandwich on the way


In the blog post, they have detailed the procedure regarding the software upgrade process and have divided it into four stages – Evaluation and Planning, Development, Testing and Available. They have given a little bit of insight on what each phase of the upgrade process entails.

In the evaluation and planning stage, Motorola states that they evaluate the benefits, technical issues and user experience of an upgrade. They do not generally release dates of availability of the upgrade and add that in some cases, devices enter this phase, but may infact, never be upgraded. In the next stage, which is development, they say that they are in the process of creating the software upgrade and will also release a time frame as to when the release will be available to the masses, but that this can change at any moment. In the testing stage, they note that if the upgrade works properly on the device, this testing period may vary depending on the device in question as well as carrier requirements. They also state that during the testing phase, they may also provide an exact month as to when the update will be available to download over-the air. In the last phase, which is Available, the website states, “In most cases, consumers will receive a notification on their device that the OTA upgrade is available. An available upgrade or update may be rolled out over a period of time in order to best manage the deployment volume and experience. At times, a small testing group is provided the upgrade before it's made available to a larger group. On your Motorola Android Phone or Tablet, you can go to Settings, About Phone/Tablet, System Updates to manually check for an OTA upgrade.”

In the post, they have also mentioned the time frame of the release dates for the Motorola handsets that will receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update. We already know that the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi has already received the update and here is a look at the other handsets that will receive the update globally.

Second quarter of 2012:


Third Quarter of 2012:

  • MOTOROLA XOOM 2 Media Edition

Above are the devices, which are available across the world and are in the queue to receive the update. To know more about the rest of the handsets and tablets that will be served Ice Cream Sandwich in your area, click here.

Published Date: Feb 17, 2012 09:37 am | Updated Date: Feb 17, 2012 09:37 am