MOTO MILESTONE Goes Froyo, Finally

Here’s a bit of good news - Motorola, after making users wait for an unusual amount of time, has finally released a Froyo (Android 2.2) update for their MILESTONE Android device. It’s a bit late, some would say, seeing as Gingerbread has already made it to the platform and is already quickly possibly trickling down to even the lower end devices like the LG Optimus One which came with Froyo out of the box. But better late than never I guess.


In the link that leads to the download page, Motorola has listed out a few concerns for MILETSONE owners who wish to upgrade and sadly it seems like the only reason they’ve decided to announce this update is because of the large demand for it. However they have also mentioned that even though they’ve been testing it on the device it’s possible you might not get the kind of functionality you’d expect. There’s even mention of “Performance being improved by limiting open applications” amongst a few others things.

About time or way too late?

About time or way too late?



Now here’s the bad news, the update is not available OTA (over the air). You’re required to download the update software (unless you're already using the Motorola PC suite version), hook your handset to your PC and then update it. For those who found that the update still isn't available for Indian handsets, there are work around options, of course but, officially, you might have to wait for awhile longer. However, we have found that update has worked via the PC suite but has a few bugs here and there, stay tuned for more on this.


In case the update process has or hasn't worked for you, do let us know by leaving your comments or following the thread in our discussion board.

Published Date: Mar 18, 2011 09:44 am | Updated Date: Mar 18, 2011 09:44 am