Motion Sensing Dock for the iPad

If you own any touchscreen device like an iPhone or iPad for a while, you certainly have reached a point where the screen is flooded with smudges. From some news doing the rounds, Elliptic Labs can be of some help over here with their Ultrasonic Touchless Input technology for iPads and other tablets as well.

This technology can be quite helpful for different people. Take for example cooking from a recipe on the tablet and you need to double-check that all important ingredient. You can’t do so thanks to the dough on your hands. With the Touchless Input tech, you can just scroll down the recipe through a gesture and voila, you’ve made your masterpiece and protected your iPad!

This device can be useful for people who are just plain lazy to reach out for the iPad to play/pause a movie. There can be more uses which you can just imagine at the back of your mind. Till then, if the write-up doesn’t convince you enough, check out the video below and let us know of different ways you could use this dock.

Published Date: Dec 23, 2010 10:49 am | Updated Date: Dec 23, 2010 10:49 am