Most Expensive Apps/Games for the iPhone

While many of our previous articles have focused on value-for-money games for the iPhone, you would really like to shell out some of the green stuff for nice and useful applications or even good games! These Apps/Games are not only meant to be expensive but also give you satisfactory service at the same time.

Let’s have a look at the following list which will make you feel like its Christmas and you should start being generous… At least to yourself!

Mobile Maps India

Finally, you can stop dreaming of when exactly will you get that badly needed navigation software on your iPhone, so you don’t get end up in Chennai while travelling to Goa! With street level navigation for 400+ cities across India and voice guided navigation on your iPhone, this one’s a handy app for people travelling long distance, short distance or no distance at all!
Price: $29.99

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Chinatown Wars was a great hit with its PSP version and it’s the best that Rockstar’s got for the iPhone. And what more do you expect, when you get to shoot, kill, run on crazy missions, drive fast cars, do breath-taking stunts and stuff “virtually”! Decent graphics but fun-to-play which makes it a perfect buy for your iPhone!
Price: $ 9.99

BeejiveIM with Push

Instant Messaging gets a lot easier with BeejiveIM. This IM app allows you to chat on multiple messengers like GoogleTalk, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo!, and many more simultaneously! Don’t worry about broken conversations due to coverage issues as the push feature lets you resume from where you got off. This along with a whole lot of features and a really intuitive interface makes Instant Messaging fun!
Price: $ 9.99

Splinter Cell Conviction

One of the best action stealth games is now on the iPhone! Use stealth or just bang your way in with a good range of weapons to choose from pistols, AK-47’s, and bazookas. Fast-paced and action-packed gameplay with graphics optimized for the iPhone 4, Splinter Cell Conviction is the next best thing to happen to all iPhone users!
Price: $ 6.99

Diabetes Pilot

iPhone apps are not only about games and utility/social networking apps, they’re also about medical help! You can keep a check on your glucose levels with this cool and useful app whether you use insulin, other medications, or just diet and exercise, Diabetes Pilot can help you organize and analyze your information. So if you have diabetes or not (you don’t “want” to get it now, do you?) you can always keep a check of your dietary habits!
Price: $ 11.99

As always, we would always like to know about what are the different apps that you have used personally and think should be on the list, one limitation is the price which should be on the higher side! Till then, keep reading.

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Published Date: Aug 07, 2010 09:21 am | Updated Date: Aug 07, 2010 09:21 am