MosChip Semiconductor's new system integrates television with PC

With so much happening on the tech front, connectivity among several devices seems to be on the mind of many. One such technology has now been announced by MosChip Semiconductor Technology, which is a design service and fabless semiconductor company. It has unveiled a new system that enables integrating television with PC. The multi-function PC Virtualisation System (PCVS) is capable of linking the television with the PC. This lets users exercise a variety of options, like video solutions for independent display. The PCVS assists with video-streaming and gaming, alongside virtual functioning of multi-purpose home networking for small office home office (SOHO).

Integrating TV with PC

Integrating TV with PC


The PCVS box has been developed on the lines of a set-top box that enables telecast of movies, games and other entertainment content on a television. “We are hopeful of concluding a deal within three months. The company is already working on wireless solutions for PCVS,” stated MosChip Chairman, Mr. Ramachandra Reddy. The company hoped to achieve sales of close to one million PCVS units, tentatively priced at $100 once it entered into agreement with OEMs. MosChip would not spend on research and development anymore as it had several IPs and would, instead, focus on developing chips for customized applications for which the companies would bear the expenditure.” Apparently, the company has been negotiating with an Indian major for developing a complex chip, which comprises a huge volume of business. Moreover, MosChip didnt manufacture the PCVS application and was on the look out for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for manufacturing and marketing the product.

So, basically each unit could sell for a retail price of about $100, and the company could look for a licensing fee and royalties from the product. “Even if we can ship about 500,000 units, we will be doing good business. China alone has the appetite to consume about 20 to 30 million units because of higher adoption levels,” he adds

Published Date: May 04, 2012 04:22 pm | Updated Date: May 04, 2012 04:22 pm