More details about Lumia 900 revealed

We’ve heard a lot about the brilliant user interface of Nokia’s Lumia phones, with obvious credit to Windows Phone 7. Now, in an interview documented on Nokia Connects, more details about Nokia’s upcoming flagship, the Lumia 900 have been unearthed. Let’s quickly have a look at what’s changed, and what’s not. The Lumia 900 will have no ‘3D’ design in its Gorilla Glass, like the 800 had, and won’t have a pentaband radio, either. The 900 will mostly launch in Q2 of 2012, with worldwide distribution. The polycarbonate design from the 800 hasn’t been changed. Tethering will finally be supported for the 900, including the 610 as well. Also, the Lumia 710 and 800 will get it via software updates. With the bigger display, it will also have a bigger battery and better audio tuning, as compared to the Lumia 800. However, the drivers have unchanged. More accessories are soon going to be made available after the launch for this smartphone.


Nokia raises the curtains on the Lumia 900

Nokia raises the curtains on the Lumia 900



The Lumia 900 doesn’t have a full screen viewfinder and there are chances it could be incorporated once the product launches. GLONASS will not be there on the 900, either. Coming back to the audio department, if any software changes are made to the 900, the 800 will get them, too, so there’s no love lost between users of both the phones. When asked about the exclusion of Pentaband support, the reply was that, “We’re using a Qualcomm engine in Lumia products and no other OEM using the same chipset supports pentaband either.” With the Lumia 900, custom ringtones for specific people will be possible, however, for alarms, SMS and other audio supported alerts, much customization won’t be made available. Music controlled headsets are in the pipeline as well.


All other questions regarding support for the Apollo update, 41 mp camera phones coming to the Lumia series were dodged, so we may have to wait to get all our answers from Nokia. As of now, though, they have been pretty honest about the Lumia 900 and its features and limitations. What do you guys make of that now?

Published Date: Mar 17, 2012 12:22 pm | Updated Date: Mar 17, 2012 12:22 pm