More daily active users on mobile on Instagram than Twitter: comScore

According to new comScore data available with Mashable, Instagram had more daily active users on mobile than Twitter in August, for the first time ever. While the popular microblogging service’s daily active user count on mobile reached 6.9 million, Instagram managed to rake in 7.3 million daily mobile users in the month. Instagram has managed to post a tenfold growth, starting from March when it had 886,000 daily active visitors. The report notes that Twitter managed to grow in this period as well, “but at a much slower rate”. 


Although Twitter managed to post more total unique visitors in August than Instagram, fewer visitors went to Twitter on a daily basis. The figures highlighted that visitors to Twitter spent less time viewing content on an average in comparison with those visiting Instagram. It was found that every Instagram mobile user spent an average of 257 minutes on it, roughly over four hours, while Twitter users spent an average of 169.9 minutes from mobile devices, that is, a little less than three hours.


The numbers were determined using data from comScore’s Mobile Metrix 2.0 tool, which offers a detailed estimate of mobile usage for various websites and apps by using survey data and on-device metering. 


Registers a tenfold growth



The data takes into consideration the visits to the apps and websites for Instagram and Twitter from iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. Here, comScore notes that if the findings would be in Twitter's favour if comScore took into account the number of active users visiting the two websites from non-mobile devices.


Recently, Facebook closed its Instagram purchase. The deal was valued at $1 billion when the companies agreed to it in April. However, Facebook's stock price lost half its value since its IPO. With Facebook trading at $18.06 on August 31, when the deal closed, it was worth about $715.3 million -- $300 million of it in cash ,and the rest in stocks.


Recent reports indicated that Instagram may be making its way to handsets running on the Windows Phone operating system. According to a report by The Verge, sources familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans, informed it that the app may be made available for this platform soon.


Instagram was compatible with iOS devices since its inception. Due to the rapid growth of its popularity, its developers launched the service for Android devices as well. The author of the report by The Verge, Tom Warren states, “We're hearing from sources familiar with Microsoft's Windows Phone plans that an Instagram app will be made available for the platform, despite Facebook's recent acquisition of the service for $1 billion”.


An official blog post confirmed that Instagram 3.0 is up for download for iOS and Android platforms. Available on their respective app stores, the focal point for the new, updated version is the browsing experience. The new update brings to the table "a new and unique way" to view photos, the users' own and those of others on a map. Simply put, the update means that users need not go through pages and pages of photos while browsing. On newer devices, users should experience improved speed while browsing. Another addition with Instagram 3.0 is infinite scrolling in feeds. This way, users can view more photos while browsing through the app, and unlike earlier, they need not click on 'load more'. With Instagram 3.0, users can flag not only photos, but also comments for review.

Published Date: Sep 29, 2012 11:36 AM | Updated Date: Sep 29, 2012 11:36 AM