Monitor Your Blood Pressure With iHealth's System for iOS

Apps nowadays are not just fun oriented. They come in various forms and at different prices, for various uses. One such app was launched yesterday; iHealth introduced a Blood Pressure Self-Monitor System for the iOS. The system will let users check their blood pressure, but that’s not all.

The whole system comprises of a hardware dock, blood pressure arm cuff and the iHealth app. The iHealth app that comes along is has an intuitive interface that records the blood pressure of the user, keeps track of them and later uses the data to run reports.

The blood pressure checkers!

Users can easily acquire previous data and view the pattern according to the time of the day. This data can also be used to create custom graphs and charts. Well, these reports are to be submitted to the doctor, so the app helps you do that too.

Published Date: Jan 05, 2011 02:59 pm | Updated Date: Jan 05, 2011 02:59 pm