Modern Warfare 3 Wish list

So Modern Warfare 3 has been unofficially announced but with half of Infinity Ward fired/MIA we don’t have very high hopes for this game. Still here’s a quick wish list of things we would like to see implemented.

A better story

Modern Warfare 2’s WTF ending left us in the dark with so many questions unanswered. We hope MW 3 ties up all the loose ends and does not end with a stupid cliffhanger ending.

Perks and Upgrades in SP

The Perk system in MW2’s MP was spot on. Now please find a way of implementing them into the single player campaign like what Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Full-Fledged co-op Mode

I liked Spec-Ops. I really did but how about giving us the chance to run through the entire campaign with a friend in Veteran difficulty? That would be ace.

Dedicated Servers for PC

Please bring them back. Browsing for servers for hours on end only to be dropped is just beyond frustrating. Also being at the mercy of the hosts’ connection sucks.

No more respawning enemies

You’ve carefully cleared out an area. You barely have any health left. The coast looks clear. You move forward. You hear an enemy spawn behind you. Bam! You’re dead. The Call of Duty series have been plagued by respawning enemies ever since the first game and this has to stop. For the love of God man!

Customizable gear for MP and SP

Yeah I know this isn’t an RPG but Rainbow Six Vegas 2 handled this really well. I’m talking about the ability to tweak cosmetic stuff like armor, Kevlar, guns etc. that’ll add a bit of your personality into your character both offline and online.

Destroyable environments

Considering the fact that we’re in the so called “next generation” of games, I think it’s high time the CoD series got in some destroyable environments making both offline and online battles hell of a lot more intense.

That’s all we can think of for now. Feel free to drop in your wish list in the comments section below.

Published Date: Apr 13, 2010 03:42 pm | Updated Date: Apr 13, 2010 03:42 pm