Mobile Ticketing Makes Life Easy For Indian Railways' Commuters

Indian Railways have certainly made life a whole lot easier for commuters by introducing the new mobile ticketing application for mobile phones. Although the application is still in the development stage, it is being ascertained that commuters would no longer have to wait in long lines and wait for printouts of their tickets. All the customer has to do is download the application on their mobile phone and carry some kind of identification proof. The ticket will be sent to them via SMS on their mobile phone through the same application. This mobile ticket cannot be forwarded. 
Booking made easy

Booking made easy

Elimination of the ticket printouts has certainly made the Indian Railways more modernized and a lot more accessible. Other than making it easy for commuters to book their tickets, it also helps them to make their own reservations without going to the reference of a travel agency. This feature will definitely help commuters in the rural parts of the country. Since most travel agencies often block tickets and sell them at a higher price, this will  prevent ticketing fraud. However, the introduction of the mobile ticketing application will not completely rule out the presence of travel agencies; but it will make it more organized.

Earlier, travel service agents (RTSA) used to sell tickets and make reservations for the customers without actually registering them on the IRCTC website. It will now be mandatory for individuals as well as travel agents to register themselves before making any further reservations. S. S Mathur, GM-IT reports that ‘there will be no additional charges and that they were planning to stick to their current prices”.


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Published Date: Jul 18, 2011 03:15 pm | Updated Date: Jul 18, 2011 03:15 pm