Mobile Payment Applications

Mobile banking isn’t something of the future. It’s already here and it’s established firmly among the masses. We shed some light over the facts and figures from Informate Mobile Intelligence that vouch for the overwhelming growth in the use of these applications.

It’s quite obvious that we’re going completely mobile, and by this, we don’t just mean making calls and sending messages for communication. Applications now offer most of the services we’re accustomed to using on the PC, right on our mobile phones. In the last issue of CHIP Plus, we saw how various types of applications have been making a mark on the growing tech-savvy population. This time around, we focus on mobile applications that help you carry out financial transactions such as purchasing products and carrying out basic banking activities on the go. Even with GPRS prices proving to be stagnant and not reducing drastically, mobile users still prefer using their handsets for basic transactions rather than heading to the bank branch and standing in long queues. All one needs is a credit card or debit card to get carry out online transactions from just about anywhere.

Statistics from Informate help shed some light on the most used payment applications on the mobile platform. As expected, Ngpay is the most used application when it comes to mobile purchases. It reaches out to a larger number of users mainly because of the applications and services that it is a•

Published Date: Oct 22, 2010 12:15 pm | Updated Date: Oct 22, 2010 12:15 pm