Mobile Grudge Match: Dell Streak Tablet Vs. Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone

I’ve been getting quite a few very interesting comments form readers about the Dell Streak. They’ve come via Facebook, email and of course our comments section. Now the Dell Streak maybe classified as a Tablet, but that’s simply because of the size. In every other conceivable form it’s a larger Android mobile handset. Unlike devices like the OlivePad which is much larger or the upcoming Galaxy Tab, the Dell Streak can be held up to your ear as you would a standard sized handset without looking ridiculous.

But with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S making big waves in the Indian mobile phone industry, the big question I asked is, would you simply buy the Streak because of the larger display and the potential it has with future official updates or, a go in for the Galaxy S, a standard sized handset with all the frills and more? I’d like you to let me and other readers know.

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I’ve listed below all the relevant features that the two devices come equipped with for the Indian market to help you make a calculated decision. Do keep in mind I’ve not included add-on features that are available via non-official means or Beta apps and updates that aren’t official for India.

Send in your votes via our comments section and let us know why you’d choose whichever device it is you’re giving your vote too. We’ll see who the winner is next week according to your entries.

Published Date: Oct 12, 2010 09:57 am | Updated Date: Oct 12, 2010 09:57 am