Mobile apps company works at gaming for the blind

The mobile app development company, Schogini Systems P Ltd., has appointed Mohammed Salih as their brand ambassador – Intelligent Interface, who is a FIDE-ranked chess player and blind by birth, reports IBN Live. With this move, the company takes intelligent gaming strategies to teens and youngsters who are slowly, yet steadily getting glued to these engaging games. Salih faced Laser Game: Khet’s inventor Luke Hooper on a gaming battlefield at the Schogini office at Leela Inforpark, on the Technopark campus. Although Salih lost the match 1-0, Luke Hooper disclosed what a brave fight of more than an hour Salih had put up. Schogini is also putting in efforts to assist the blind with Talking Chess board, Talking Chess Apps, Talking Khet Apps, Colouring App and Seeing Apps.

Onto the gaming field

Onto the gaming field


This was a part of Schogini Systems’ unique strategy to take their intelligent games to the masses.  This could attract teens and youth who are spending a lot of time with their computers, gaming rather than reading books. N Sree Prakash, Managing Director, Schogini Systems disclosed that the technology is advancing at an alarming rate and with smartphones being more popular these days, its functionality is no longer limited to just making or receiving calls or SMS. Schogini has created the mobile version of the popular laser game: Khet for the mobile platform, the mobile app has been made available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Schogini has also teamed up with Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman and Luke Hooper for implementing Komodo 4, which is a top-rated chess engine AI.

Gaming has unfurled several aspects, and its use is just more than gluing a teen to a monitor. It has shown potential in the medical field. Game therapy has been implemented to help patients show some improvements and video games have been considered as an effective tool for treatments. This includes treatments in the form of distraction for recovering burn victims or an alternative for anaesthesia in case of a minor surgery.

Published Date: May 15, 2012 11:49 am | Updated Date: May 15, 2012 11:49 am