Mike Tyson iPhone Game Features the Hangover's Mr. Chow

Mike Tyson has a game in the App Store, called Mike Tyson's Main Event. The game's been out since March but the big news is, Warner Bros. has used it for a Hangover II promotion (the film released this past weekend in most places) by placing Ken Jeong's whacky Mr. Chow character in the game. You can basically fight him and then finally Mike Tyson in the game. You can also watch the trailer and buy tickets to watch the movie. The scene where you fight Mr. Cheong is set in Bangkok where the sequel is also set.

Mr. Chow in the Main

Mr. Chow in the Main Event




The update seems to have ignited more interested in the game. It is modeled after the NES title, Mike Tyson's Punch Out with more virtual items like a Power Balance wrist band, which allows users to defeat more challenging opponent. That and the tie in with Warner Bros. for the movie gives the developer, RockLive, more confidence for monetizing.