Microsoft's programme to incubate 10 Indian start-ups in cloud computing

Microsoft’s cloud solution was recently adopted by AICTE for all its technical institutions, while HP believes that cloud offerings will further drive India's revenues and the $2-3 billion cloud market of India is expected to grow by 30-33 percent per year. Now, a top official talks about the company’s plan to incubate about 10 technology start-ups in cloud computing, Internet and mobile using Accelerate for Windows Azure program, reports Times of India. These start-ups will be able to use Microsoft’s resources, such as BizSpark programme. Those who can build any application using the cloud platform and operate in any business/market segment will be made eligible for this programme that is being launched in Bangalore, Seattle, Tel Aviv and Beijing. Furthermore, these start-ups can also take advantage of Microsoft’s Metro user interface on Windows 8 and Windows Phone for cloud solution.

Troubled times..

Troubled times..




The four-month incubation selection process includes prospective start-ups to apply online till July 1 and then join the programme from September at the company's office. With the programme introduced by Microsoft, it also plans to assist with meetings between start-ups and venture capitalists and prospective investors. However, the company’s benefit lies in the success of the start-ups and does not plan on a stake.


"The start-ups will have the benefit of mentorship and coaching from successful entrepreneurs, leading venture capitalists and industry leaders. We are also partnering with industry mentors to provide start-ups with the support they need to innovate and become successful businesses," Microsoft India (R&D) Managing Director, Amit Chatterjee revealed.


AICTE became one of the biggest clients of Microsoft by deploying the latter’s cloud solution for its institutions across the nation. HP declared its Converged Cloud in Mumbai recently, soon after the service was launched in the U.S. Cloud helps deliver IT services to retrieve resources from the Internet through web-based tools and applications, instead of direct connection to a server. HP is said to have set up maximum private clouds in the country. HP’s Converged cloud is a combination of traditional, private, public and managed clouds.

Published Date: May 26, 2012 10:40 am | Updated Date: May 26, 2012 10:40 am