Microsoft India launches Guardian women's safety app for Windows Phone

Microsoft India has launched a safety app for Windows Phone users in the country, called Guardian. Quite similar to Track my iPhone and Android Device Manager, Guardian not only lets you control your smartphone remotely, but brings in a lot more features that will help your loved ones track you in cases of emergency,

Guardian uses Microsoft Windows Azure cloud solution and the Bing Maps API to let anyone you wish track your movements. This can be done by switching on the “track me” feature. Users will also be able to place a call for help with an in-built SOS button. Microsoft says that this can be used to connect to security agencies, hospitals and other help, if the situation has got out of hand. Guardian has been developed by Microsoft India employees over a period of six months, within the Microsoft Garage. For those not in the know, the Microsoft Garage is an initiative within the company on a global level and allows employees to explore ideas and do something beyond the call of duty, while still working with Microsoft.

Stay safe

Stay safe


The app allows you to add multiple buddies who will be alerted in emergency situations, but it also gives some control to these folks. It will let them opt out in case they’re not so willing to taken on your SOS call. SOS messages will continue to go out even if your phone is destroyed. The best bit is that the SOS button can also send emails and post to private Facebook groups. One of the coolest features is that Guardian turns on one-touch video recording that could well be used as evidence later.  


“The app helps women in distress by alerting their friends, families as a standalone app, as well as it is available as an integrated solution for Police or security agencies who can monitor distress SOS calls and provide help through a portal,” wrote the team on the download page for Guardian. You can download Guardian for your Windows Phone devices from the Guardian Portal website.

Published Date: Dec 27, 2013 11:16 am | Updated Date: Dec 27, 2013 11:16 am