Microsoft YouTube channel hacked, control regained

This Sunday morning Microsoft woke up to a hacked YouTube channel. The software giant’s official YouTube channel had all its videos wiped off and replaced with video clips soliciting advertisers. Microsoft issued a statement in a couple of hours revealing that the company was aware of the alteration and working towards restoring it.

Hacked but getting back normal

Hacked but getting back normal



The flushed videos are inclusive of Microsoft’s ad campaigns while the background didn’t appear the same either. According to GeekWire, two videos which solicit advertisers was followed by a similar third one. A message posted by the hacker said, “I Did Nothing Wrong I Simply Signed Into My Account That I Made In 2006 :/.”

A report by Mashable reveals that four videos were uploaded while the fifth one displaying an animated shooting gunman was taken out quickly. Whether a publicity stunt or not, thankfully the hackers didn’t post any inappropriate content like the Sesame Street YouTube channel hack in the past week. This kids-centric channel was instantly shut down while YouTube promised some additional security measures. Unlike Sesame Street’s supposed hackers MrEdxwx and MrSuicider91 (unclear yet), absolutely no names have surfaced here. 

In another statement issued by Microsoft, the company said that they’ve regained control of the channel and are working at restoring the original content. Moreover, it ensures of improved security for future.

Published Date: Oct 24, 2011 02:58 pm | Updated Date: Oct 24, 2011 02:58 pm